GE Color Doppler Logic 700 Expert

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Color Doppler



1. Convex

2. Linear

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Logic Scan 128 - PC based Color Doppler - Lithunia

The LogicScan 128 ultrasound imaging system is a Color Doppler device. Its key features include digital Doppler multi-beam processing, which will increase frame rate during color and Power Doppler imaging and the novel hybrid signal processing module, for improving sensitivity.Click for details,



Novadex 7711 - PC based Convex Ultrasound Scanner - China

Novadex 7711 offers quality images, powerful data management, and ideal portability at affordable prices. Click for details

   DFS (Dynamic Frequency Scan) 
   DRF (Dynamic Receiving Focus) 
   RDA (Real-time Dynamic Aperture) 

Novadex 3366

Novadex 6611 - Digital Portable Ultrsound Scanner - China



  • High Quality Imaging.

  • PC based Technology

  • Lazer/Bubble Jet Computer comaptibility

  • USB Port to Store Date & Printing

  • PAL-D,VGA,RS-232,USB 2.0, DICOM3.0 Ports

  • Password Option. Click for details



Novadex 4411 - Battery Operated LCD Portable Ultrsound Scanner - China

Novadex 4411 is characterized by its excellent image quality with high resolution power, smart body, and strong functions. It can be widely used in abdomen, gynecology, small parts, vascular, urology, prostate, cardiology and pediatric intervention. It also can be used in animals.

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Logic Scan 64 - PC based Color Doppler - Lithunia

The LogicScan 64 ultrasound imaging system is a Color Doppler device.   Click for details,


Novadex 2211 Digital Ultrasound Scanner

Novadex 2211 - Digital Convex Ultrasound Scanners - China

This system offers many brilliant features with advanced technologies, such as digital beam-forming leading to high precision, various image processing technologies .
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 Dual Probe Connector

4B Mode

USB Port to Store Date

Permanent image Storage

Intelligent (local) Zoom

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Features of Novadex 3700

Ergonomic Design

Large LCD

4B Mode

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